Linear Actuators 1500# AC

LA155L, LA155P (120 VAC)

Joyce linear actuators are designed to lift loads up to 1500 pounds. Built with cast aluminum housings, they include 120 VAC motors, and are available with either a limit switch (LA155L) or with a potentiometer and a limit switch (LA155P). These actuators are best suited for use in environments that are protected from the elements.

  • 120 VAC
  • Double clevis or trunnion mount
  • Threaded end condition available
  • Travel lengths 3”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”
  • Maximum travel speed with 1500-pound load, 50” per minute
  • Potentiometer option available
  • Cast aluminum housings

Sample Part Number:

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Model Number

1500- Pound Capacity
LA152 (12VDC) LA155 (115VAC)
LA152 (DC) LA155 (AC)
LA15 with Limit Switch LA15 w Trunnion Mount
L= Limit Switch
LA15 with CLutch
C= Clutch L= Limit Switch or P= Potentiometer and Limit Switch
Screw End
Clevis End Threaded End
CL= Clevis End TE= Threaded End
Mounting Style  
LA152 (DC) LA155 (AC)
Standard Clevis with Trunnion Mount
SC= Standard Clevis TM= Trunnion Mount
Rise Code
3" 03
6" 06
12" 12
18" 18
24" 24