Stainless Steel Jacks vs. the Elements

Stainless steel jack with icy backgroundAdvantages of using stainless steel jacks for corrosive- and wet-environment applications have long been in the forefront on systems designed for the packaging industry, paper mills, and other rugged locations, but Joyce stainless steel jacks offer some surprising cold temperature benefits as well.

Regular steel becomes progressively brittle as temperatures drop, increasing the possibility of fractures at sub-zero temperatures. But stainless steel maintains its ductility even at low temperatures. In fact, customers designing for the sub-zero temperatures are turning to Joyce/Dayton engineers for solutions. Joyce offers stainless steel jacks in standard sizes from 2-ton through 25-ton capacities. These jacks offer exceptional environmental protection even at sub-zero temperatures.

Contact Joyce application engineers with your requirements today. We have experience specifying jacks and systems for cold temperature applications. Our experts can customize jacks and systems to meet your specific requirements.