Creative Lift Table Solution

Semigood Design, LLC approached Joyce/Dayton with a concept for a unique conference room table that combined both bold and functional handcrafted elements. Inspired by the customer’s ingenious concept, Joyce engineers offered a creative, mechanically sound solution. The resulting lifting system was a perfect fit in both form and function.

Unique Features

  • Translating Worm Gear screw jacks with self-locking screws lift and lower the table 
  • Four-way central miter gear box connects to lifting jacks with shafting
  • Hand crafted wood and glass table top, which spans ten feet, rests at four points on the load pads of jack lifting screws
  • A chain drive connects lifting system to ship’s wheel for operation
  • Unpainted jacks with exposed lifting screws lend an industrial appearance
  • Users observe “art in motion” through the glass table top 

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