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Aerospace Industry

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Jacks for Aerospace Industry Applications

The Aerospace Industry relies on Joyce Jacks and Electric Cylinders in a variety of critical applications. Screw Jacks or Electric Cylinders are used on test stands to support and position jet engines. They raise and lower maintenance scaffolding and overhead gantry systems and are an integral component in airline ground support equipment. Screw Jacks (up to 250 tons), and Stainless Steel Jacks (up to 25 tons) are available.

Joyce/Dayton provides complete mechanical systems including motors, gear boxes, shafting and controls, enabling the customer to specify all jack related products from a single, reliable source. Experienced Application Engineers offer practical solutions using standard and customized products to meet industry specifications.

Joyce/Dayton provides complete mechanical systems including motors, gear boxes, shafting and control systems enabling the customer to purchase all jack related products from one source.

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  • Joyce, providing innovative solutions since 1873
  • Highest quality products backed by exceptional warranty
  • Experience meeting food industry requirements
  • Full line of Stainless Jacks - ideal for the food industry
  • Miniature Jacks – aluminum housing and stainless screws
  • Free online design software
  • Commitment to total customer satisfaction
  • Outstanding on-time delivery record

Aerospace Industry Applications

  • Raise and lower aircraft for maintenance
  • Jet engine test stands
  • Gantry system for Aircraft Engines
  • Lift Jumbo Jets to service landing gear

Solution Design Specifications

  • Heavy-Duty and Large capacity Jacks
  • Self-Locking Screw Jacks
  • Anti-backlash option
  • High ratio gearsets with 100 turns/inch

Complete Lifting Systems

Joyce/Dayton provides complete lifting systems customized to your environment and unique industry specifications.

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