Bevel Gear Screw Jacks

Bevel gear design eliminates the need for miter gear boxes in multi-jack systems. This design allows higher travel speeds and higher duty cycles. Single-lead machine screw bevel gear jacks are considered self-locking and the lower internal gear ratio permit faster travel speeds (and higher duty cycles) than worm gear screw jack counterparts. Bevel ball jacks achieve fast travel speeds and are rated for near continuous operation. 

Compare common screw jack technology between machine screws and ball screws, and between worm gear set and bevel gear set in our Screw Jack Technology Comparison Chart.

Learn more about how to select a proper jack design, lifting screw type, and gear set option in our white paper, Jack It Up! - How Screw Jack Technology Benefits Modern Industry.

Joyce offers motor controls ranging from simple Motor Starters to complex positioning systems and Custom controls. Every system that is powered by an electric motor requires a control system. At Joyce, we know that choosing the best option can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why our Engineers are available to help you through the process.


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